#11 -- The Hindu Times

Album: Heathen Chemistry

I'll preemptively address the disagreements: yes, I personally like this song better than MP, MG, SA, RWI, Sm, etc, etc. Sorry. Feel free to voice your displeasure by clicking "comment" below. The Hindu Times sounds more like classic Oasis than just about anything they’ve put out on the last 3 albums (save Lyla), and it’s a brilliant rocker. As confusing as Heathen Chemistry is at times, the boys always seem to throw in one song that’s radio friendly, peppy, and harkens back to the anthems of the early days. I think this tune gets unappreciated for that reason (it's radio friendly) and also a little bit because it's not piled in next to a bunch of other classic songs. No exception here – this is Oasis doing Oasis, 10 years later, and still knocking it out of the park.

#12 -- Don't Go Away

Album: Be Here Now

"Inferior rewrite" or not, it's still an amazing tearjerker. Noel wrote it about his mom when it was thought there was a chance she had cancer. It’s about not wanting to lose someone you love. The single was only released in Japan, and I seem to remember it getting a fair amount of airplay in the States. I think it was one of their more popular tunes over here. Don’t Go Away chokes me up sometimes –the opening stick clicks signal the raw emotion that follows in the next 4:48, and the soulful, naked guitar riffs really sell it. One of their best.

#13 -- Acquiesce

Album: The Masterplan

Acquiesce was just too damn good to be on the album. Had it been, critics would have probably slagged it on account of the unremarkable lyrics in the verses. As it is, when Noel comes in on the chorus, there’s nothing better. One of those epic moments where the sky opens up and the song gets back in your face sayin, “you didn’t see that one coming did ya?”

#14 -- Slide Away

Album: Definitely Maybe

When Liam comes in on “Let me be the one,” its one of the best Oasis song moments. Exudes the same feelings as Live Forever. I think I have an acoustic version somewhere with Noel on vocals – that sounds absolutely top too.

#15 -- Morning Glory

Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Could this be more blatantly about drugs? Great tune, but you can’t even put this one over on a naïve 7th grader what being “chained to the mirror and the razor blade” means. Great tune, but not really one I'd need to hear on the upcoming tour.

#16 -- Supersonic

Album: Definitely Maybe

Unbelievably cool little guitar solo part here – best part of the song. Supersonic was Oasis’ first single, and an instant classic. I can’t imagine what would have been if it had ended up as the B-side to “Bring it On Down” as originally planned. Looking back at the lyrics, I don’t understand where putting lines together simply because they rhymed no longer sounds the same on the new material. It works so well in this one.

#17 -- Roll With It

Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory?

Noel’s backing vocals make this one. He said, “If Cigarettes & Alcohol made you want to go out and nick stuff, this makes you want to take it all back. Yeah, it´s a good one.” Agreed. Listen to the “adjusted” lyrics on the Familiar to Millions performance.