#18 -- My Generation

Album: Every damn bootleg after 2004

I’ll be honest – I don’t even like this song that much – I mean, it’s good, just not this good. And it might not even belong here since there's no official studio versions apart from that thing they did for the BBC. I couldn’t help putting it high on the chart just because it’s been such a fitting end to their live performances lately, and pretty much sums up my fondness for the band. My Generation – My Music – that’s why I’ll love Oasis until the end. The tunes I woke up to in Junior High and High School, and all their association with the happy memories. As much as I can be in the same “g-g-generation” as a 39 and 32 year old, it feels like I am. Thanks lads.

(Sorry so late today -- been having PC issues)

#19 -- Sunday Morning Call

Album: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

Do you like this tune? I really, really do. Best one on SOTSOG in my opinion. Has kind of a “Cast Now Shadow” feel, not just because it was written about someone specific (Noel hasn’t revealed who), but because the lyrics speak to the destructive tendencies of that person. Beautiful tune – may have even been a better b-side because it seems to get buried in an album with a lot of weird songs – and hits home every time.

#20 -- Fade Away

Album: The Masterplan

A little monotanous, but has plenty of heart and soul to it. “I suppose it´s a song about growing up but at the same time not growing old. If that makes any sense. It sounds to good to be one of mine though. I think at the time we were a bit worried cos there was a chance we were going to get sued cos it sounds a bit like a Wham song. Freedom. But it wasn´t intentional. And then we done a version of it for the Warchild thing. Which I wanted to do slower. That ended up wrong as well. I mean I like the other version but I like to do it on just a piano as well. A really slow one. Sort of an Imagine part." (Noel) I wish he’d do that version at some point – would sound fantastic.

#21 -- Round Are Way

Album: Wonderwall (single)

Nevermind about the Weller thing. I was set straight -- my mind's not working right when I wrote this. Anyway, Round Are Way includes some really sweet harmonica and a brassy backing that makes you walk with a spring in your step. One of the “happiest” songs Noel’s ever written – often segues into “Up in the Sky” when played live.

#22 -- Go Let it Out

Album: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

Noel plays bass on this track as well (probably recorded before Andy Bell got hired on) and marks the transition from flag-waving arena anthems to more psychedelic rockers. The lyrics represent everything Oasis stands for, “It’s a tiny little bit about how in England we’re quite fascinated by how famous people and rich people act like absolute knobheads twenty four hours a day. We’re fascinated by that - we even put them on the front on newspapers - and especially saying, is it any wonder people act like that?" (Noel). One line in this tune says it all for me – “The right time is always now.”

#23 -- Shakermaker

Album: Definitely Maybe

A shakermaker is apparently a toy – I’d never heard of it. The lyrics are pointless “gibberish” (as Noel puts it), but they still reek of Beatles influence. “Top gibberish, though.”

#24 -- All Around the World

Album: Be Here Now

Noel hates this song now, but in the past he’s acknowledged the lyrics are just “teeny-bop”. “I just wanted to write a big, massive, orchestral, sprawling, fuckin´ rock opera. So...I just sat down and decided I was going to write a fuckin´ 11-minute song, and I wrote it.” I could care less about the lyrics – the no-holds-barred orchestration and pure, over-the-top exuberance of the song sells it for me. It’s not Hey Jude, nor is it Noel’s magnum opus, but it’s still one hell of a flag-waiver.