#25 -- The Masterplan

Album: The Masterplan

Noel once called it the most complete song he’s ever written – although I may at times not agree, there is some incredibly good stuff in here. I’m a sucker for the strings, and some of the lyrics just reek of Beatles-esque poetry – which is appropriate because of the improvides “Octopus’ Garden” line you hear at the end. You can’t beat this stuff.

#26 -- Idler's Dream

Album: The Hindu Times (single)

I LOVE this song. The end gives me chills, every time, and has more personal meaning to me than any other Oasis tune. Deep, beautiful, and tear-jerking, and another example of an spinworthy B-side.

#27 -- D'Yer Wann Be A Spaceman?

Album: Shakermaker (single)

While researching this one, I’m a little disappointed I put it this high. I didn’t realize it was the theme song for a sitcom in the UK. That kind of sours it for me – I remember the stupid songs that led into cheesy shows I used to watch when I was younger, and even the weak connection to them makes me not care for it so much. Still, I’d really like to hear an electric version – I think it’d sound great.

#28 -- Songbird

Album: Heathen Chemistry

This is a great song, don’t get me wrong. If you want to hear some really amazing Liam-penned tunes though, buy the new album. I usually don’t like the love songs as much – seems to kind of fly in the face of what Oasis was back in the day. It’s a good tune, just kind of sugary for what I’d expect out of Liam. Can’t think of much else that would have made a better single (and didn’t end up being released) though off Heathen Chemistry though, and it certainly loads better than Little James.

#29 -- Step Out

Album: Don't Look Back in Anger (single)

Didn’t make the cut for WTSMG because of its similarity to Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight”. As ripoffs go, you can’t deny the resemblance, but I think the real reason it wasn’t put on the album is because it might make Mr. Wonder upset that his song hadn’t just been stolen, it’d been topped. Sounds better on guitar than on the keys anyway. Cute little guitar solo in this one and sounds fantastic live – especially with the altered lyrics as sung on the FTM disc.

#30 -- Be Here Now

Album: Be Here Now

Be Here Now wins my award for most overlooked, underrated Oasis tune. It’s got kind of a Columbia feel to it, a quirky background rhythm, and better lyrics. No, great lyrics. I can’t even quote all the lines I particularly like from this one. Incredibly good foot-tapper that segues into All Around the World. God, the last 4 tracks of that album are just fantastic. I gotta listen to it when I get home. I’m very accepting of people that disagree with my opinions on certain tracks – because I know I’m in the minority on some of them – but I’m going to stand firm on this one. If you don’t like it, you’re wrong ;)

Only one month to go. Hoowah!

#31 -- She Is Love

Album: Heathen Chemistry

I heard this song in the background once while shopping in my local supermarket. Yeah, I hummed along under my breath, but background muzak, Oasis isn’t. Kinda made me sick to hear a band I loved so much being pumped through overhead mono speakers and into the Beltones of the geezers browsing the produce aisle. I really do love this song though – one of the stronger ones on Heathen Chemistry. I know pelenty of fans that wouldn’t agree with me, but in some ways I consider it a precursor to the better acoustic songs on the new album. Good happy little tune.