#32 -- Cloudburst

Album: Live Forever (single)

Sounds strangely similar to “Standing Here” by the Stone Roses. A spectacular B-side, and something you’d almost hope to see them open a show with someday. “Downtown the moon is shining/I'm going to dress it up in style” is one of my personal favorite lines, and this tune leads out into a 2-minute long guitar jam that you wish wouldn’t end. You can’t not love the classic Liam “shiiiieeene”.

#33 -- Cast No Shadow

Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory

This one hits home pretty hard too, although I can, in no way, compare myself to Richard Ashcroft (of the Verve, who this song was written about). Noel said it best, “I sussed Richard wasn't very happy for a while so l wrote it for him and about three weeks later he quit. It's about songwriters in general who are desperately trying to say something. I'd like to be able to write really meaningful lyrics but I always end up talking about drugs or sex. People tend to ask my advice about a lot of things. I'm good at giving it but I'm shit at taking it.”

#34 -- You've Got to Hide Your Love Away

Album: Some Might Say (single, Japanese version only)

This is where it gets damn hard to “rate” songs – everything around and above this point I LOVE. So, it’s all pretty arbitrary. I’d say the top 8 belong there (this is all written in advance), but the rest you could rearrange however you like. I loved this song when the Beatles did it, and it almost sounds as good as an Oasis tune. It’s only a few slots higher than “Walrus” because I think it’s a better song in general.

#35 -- Up in the Sky

Album: Definitely Maybe

Up In The Sky was apparently written about lofty government types, but “how does it feel/when you’re inside me” gets a chuckle out of me every time. The orchestration on this track is phenomenal, and is by-and-large a pretty damn unique track – took me ages to learn the lyrics because the melodies are pretty static throughout the song.

#36 -- Sad Song

Album: Definitely Maybe (vinyl only track)

I can’t even listen to this without choking up a little. A few of these lines just hit a little too close to home. Sad Song shows lyrical maturity that a lot of Definitely Maybe is lacking. Stunning -- all I can say.

#37 -- (I've Got) The Fever

Album: Stand By Me (single)

A very formulaic rocker – sounds vaguely like Acquiesce from the beginning, then breaks into a chorus that sounds vaguely like Up in the Sky. Then Noel joins in on backing vocals, the windows roll down, the pedal hits the floor, and you’re singing along. Throw in another 5-note solo that just wails, and you’ve got a shockingly good B-side.

#38 -- I Am the Walrus

Album: The Masterplan

Screw My Generation – if they’re going to close the show with a cover, I want some f**kin goo-goo-g'joob. Oasis ran off and stole this one from the Beatles, and Liam might as well keep it. No one’s done it better. Period.