#39 -- (As Long as They've Got) Cigarettes in Hell

Album: Go Let it Out (single)

I don’t know for sure why I like this song so much either. Smoking is gross – don’t do it kids. Better lyrics than most SOTSOG-era B-sides, but it keeps that droning keyboard background that kind of permeates everything from that album. I love the guitar solo – I have no idea how he makes 5 notes sound so damn good, but it works. The coughing at the end is just hilarious.

#40 -- Whatever

Album: Whatever (single)

I’m gonna catch hell for this the same way I did for SCYHO – but it’s just my inconsequential, non-expert opinion. I LOVE this song, I just can’t stand the lyrics. The song is freaking beautiful – it probably earned 25 spots just on the string section alone. But seriously, “get on the bus/cause no fuss/get a grip on yourself/it don’t cost much”?? You can do better, Noel. Sounds incredible acoustic, I just cringe when I hear a couple of those lines. Still, if you haven’t heard this track (because it was released as a standalone single), it’s worth getting drunk to.

#41 -- Full On

Album: Sunday Morning Call (single)

Okay, so I read someone’s rant about this one the other day, and I understand why they hate it. This is one of those songs that if you told me about it, without giving me a chance to listen to it, I’d probably hate it too -- like yesterday’s, there’s parts of it that sound nothing like you’d expect. Some of it even comes off as quasi-Ozzy Osbourne. It’s just reflective of the versatility of the band, and another one that could have easily made SOTSOG a better album. As it is, I don’t know why I’m so enamored with this particular oft-unmentioned B-side – maybe it’s the last frittering remnant of Oasis’ BHN-esque guitar rock.

#42 -- The Fame

Album: All Around the World (single)

Sounds so much like “I Hope, I Think, I Know,” at the beginning, with better 100 times better lyrics. I wish they’d do this one live – one of those “forgotten” songs that didn’t get the attention it deserved. The chorus isn’t really characteristic of anything else in their catalogue, and has some of the best drum work on any Oasis song.

#43 -- Stay Young

Album: The Masterplan

It was either this or Magic Pie on Be Here Now, and I figure they made the wrong choice. Noel has said before that he hates the song though, and maybe it wouldn’t have fit as well in the album. However, it’s inclusion as a B-side makes D’You Know What I Mean one of the strongest singles in my opinion. This song was also featured on the soundtrack for the movie “The Faculty.”

#44 -- Talk Tonight

Album: The Masterplan

(just take me watch off)
A striking “happy/sad” song – it’s got the jaunty little pub rock beat, but exudes a lonesomeness that isn’t commonly as convincing. Very simple lyrics, not even terribly meaningful, but all I have to hear “I want to talk tonight/until the morning light” and my heart aches. I’m sure it had a different meaning for Noel, but I miss those people I could have sung that to.

#45 -- Half the World Away

Album: The Masterplan

Noel: “Paul Weller´s favorite ever Oasis song. I like the lyrics as well. Again it´s about leaving cities. I´m not sure anyone else likes it. I played the drums on that one as well actually. Because our ex-drummer wasn´t the most talented people in the world.” Stunning song, personally meaningful. One of my favorites.