#60 -- Street Fighting Man

Album: All Around the World (single)

One of their better covers. Some say Lyla sounds a little like this, but I don’t hear it, personally. Great guitar, and an appropriate homage to one of Oasis’ great influences. Weak single, but it’s worth buying just for this B-side cover.

Did anyone see the web chat with Noel yesterday? He just totally slagged off Cleveland!! C’mon!

#61 -- A Quick Peep

Album: Heathen Chemistry

Noel said about writing this one, “This was a period when there was a lot of acoustic guitar happening before and after gigs. We had a big, long journey over the Alps and me and Andy just played guitar for about five hours.” Then why the hell wasn’t it longer?? I’d really like to see Oasis do an extended instrumental, a-la Spectral Mornings (Cornershop). There’s a rumored promo single called “I Can See It Now” that’s supposedly something like that, but I wanted more of a Quick Peep. It’s so more complex than Swamp Song. Oasis does great instrumentals, and I’m a sucker for them.

(sorry so late today, was taking an exam)

#62 -- Married With Children

Album: Definitely Maybe

Girls suck. Few songs express the frustration of being with someone so annoying, yet mockingly complex that you can’t help but go back for more. I’m convinced this is what women aspire to do: be right all the time even when you’re not, and feel so full of themselves that the only natural reaction is “goodbye, I’m going home.” Then you come crawling back, and realize she’s been wearing the pants the whole time. But hell, it beats being lonely.

#63 -- Fade In-Out

Album: Be Here Now

Johnny Depp plays slide guitar on the opening. How cool is that? Oasis shows it can do blues too with this track, and it sounds totally unique and compelling with Liam’s voice. I question whether the title should be “Fadin’ Out,” or at least that’s what it sounds like it should be. Putting the hyphen between “in” and “out” makes it seem a little too artsy strange for my liking, and doesn’t do the song justice. I’ve always felt the breakdown is incredible – they should have extended it. This is certainly one of the more sadly overlooked tracks on Be Here Now – not what you’d expect from our lads, but an awesome tune.

#64 -- Helter Skelter

Album: Who Feels Love (single)

Bonus live track at the end of FTM, as well as a B-side on Who Feels Love. When I think of great Oasis cover-worthy Beatles songs, this isn’t one of them, but it works. I’d like to hear Liam sing it for once, though. I wonder what Charlie Manson would think.

On a different note, four tracks from the new album were leaked yesterday (if I don’t know you, don’t even ask). Amazingly good. This is going to be one helluva album, lads.

#65 -- Heroes

Album: D'You Know What I Mean (single)

Yeah, I know this isn’t an Oasis song, but they recorded a studio track (not just a live cover), so I’m including it. Noel doesn’t sound as convincing as David Bowie, in my opinion, but it’s a cool cover. One of the weaker ones though – I’d rather hear anything by the Beatles. Rumor has it that Michael Jackson might be selling off his Beatles collection – wouldn’t it be sweet if Noel purchased part of it?

#66 -- Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Album: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

“Do you keep the receipts/for the friends that you buy” is one of my favorite Oasis lines. Noel’s voice is amazing on this track – not the exactly gentile, soulful air that he uses in other ballads – in WDIAGW, the anger and frustration really comes through. Beautiful song, and another perfect example of what was good about SOTSOG.