#67 -- It's Better People

Album: Roll With It (single)

This is about a “hippie” as Oasis gets – It’s Better People has the vibe of a circle of baked slackers watching drugged up girls in sundresses twirl around. They do a good job paying tribute to the 60-70’s style guitar beat, in fact, I think Noel sounds very (VERY) vaguely like Jim Morrison in the chorus. Gotta love the “woo” at the end, too.

#68 -- Angel Child

Album: D'You Know What I Mean? (single)

Bloody incredible chorus. Cause I gave all my money to people and things/and the price I’m still paying/for the shit that it brings/doesn't fill me with hope for/the songs that you sing/tonight this is your life/angel child. So soulful. This is easily one of my favorite Noel-ballad B-sides. This one’s almost too good to go in the album.

#69 -- Better Man (+ The Cage)

Album: Heathen Chemistry

Straight up groove, this song is fun to drive to. I wasn’t quite sure to separate Better Man and The Cage (for those who don’t know, The Cage is the “hidden song” if you fast forward 30 minutes past the end of Better Man on the Heathen Chemistry album). I figured I could put them both higher on the list if I left them together, so there you go. Better Man epitomizes the HC Oasis – just a rock groove, not much in the way of drugged-out lyrics, with an extra-raspy Liam, and so much cool shit going on in the background you have to listen to it over and over. The Cage sounds like a instrumental version of One Way Road.

#70 -- One Way Road

Album: Who Feels Love (single)

There’s no way this shouldn’t have been on the album. I can pick several tunes on SOTSOG that this is better than. If you haven’t heard Paul Weller’s cover of this song, it’s superb. Go download it. I’m looking outside, and it’s a beautiful sunny day – if I wasn’t stuck here in lab (writing about Oasis songs, not working, of course), I’d be sitting in my back yard, drinking a beer, smoking a j, listening to this song.

Oh, and by the way, I scored front row seats to the Cleveland show yesterday (Sept 30 @ Blossom Music Center). Presale tickets still available for that show, plus Vancouver, San Fran, San Diego, Dallas, and Baltimore at oasisinet.com. Click the news release about the new shows on the front page for the presale link.

#71 -- Underneath the Sky

Album:The Masterplan

I love this song. The only weak spot I think is the backing vocals – just never sounded exactly right to me, but Liam’s singing is spot on. It’s a shame they don’t do this song live very often – it’s such a unique sound – the beginning doesn’t sound like anything you’d expect to hear out of Oasis, in fact, to me it sounds like Kasabian (who this song predates by about 10 years). I love the piano, too, which Noel helps out on.

#72 -- All Around the World (Reprise)

Album: Be Here Now

Second confession of the week: I’m a sucker for herald trumpets. I wish I could have this song playing in the background everywhere I walked – I’d feel like a king. I’m such a sucker for instrumental Oasis, too. Tacking a full-orchestra send-up of the most meaningless, overplayed song on the album at the end of Be Here Now is an example of the cocky bullshit that only Oasis can pull off, in my mind.

#73 -- She's Electric

Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory

God, if Liam could only sing like that now. When he hits “want” in the first line of the chorus, I almost don’t believe I’m listening to the same person that sounded like Kermit the Frog singing Stop Crying Your Heart Out just several months ago. I don’t know how on Earth anyone could think this song is about Blur, but Noel’s refuted that rumor several times. This is another example of the jaunty little overlooked pub-rock songs that add diversity and novelty to their catalogue. Can I be electric too?