#74 -- Hung in a Bad Place

Album: Heathen Chemistry

I have a confession to make: I don’t like this song. It’s only up as high as it is because I know enough people that do like it – maybe there’s something I’m missing. If this track isn’t the studio equivalent of Liam’s terrible vocal performance at Glastonbury last year, I don’t know what is. (Listen to Lyla – it’s much better now!) So, I’m not going to say anything else bad about this song – I guess the solo is kind of neat, just a little repetitive. Sorry if you liked this song better than I did.

#75 -- I Hope, I Think, I Know

Album: Be Here Now

Well, that’s your first 25! 75 days to go – lets keep counting up to the biggest gig of the summer.

I really do like this song, just find it a bit “popish” for the era – certainly doesn’t fit the general theme of Be Here Now, but in a good way – I think it’s more like something off the first two albums than anything else on Be Here Now. Decent lyrics, nothing special, but nothing so trite that it sounds disappointing coming from a band that had already sold two hundred bajillion albums – they fortunately saved that for other songs.

#76 -- I Will Believe

Album: Supersonic (single)

The start of this song sounds like something by Guns N Roses, at least until the drums come in (and really great drum work on this song, I might add – I love Tony), but it turns out to be almost a foreshadowing of songs 10 years to come. If it weren’t for Liam’s unblemished, young voice, you may not even recognize that this is a very early tune. Great tune, and classic Oasis.

#77 -- Headshrinker

Album:The Masterplan

Old, old song written about an ex-girlfriend of Liam’s who by all accounts was a little mental. This one almost wouldn’t sound like Oasis to me, if it weren’t for the raspy Liam wail on liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiveees. Totally kickass solo though, one of Noel’s best. It’s got that quick, punchy McCarrol drum sound too. I love it. Not the best B-side, but another cool flashback to the early punkish Oasis.

#78 -- (Probably) All in the Mind

Album: Heathen Chemistry

This song is psychedelic done well. It almost feels like the psychedelic songs on SOTSOG were trying to be like this one, and they finally got it right. This is psychedelic Oasis – more of an evolution of the old sound in which you can actually pick out something that sounds remotely like the same band that did DM, WTSMG, and BHN, but goes somewhere – less of a jump than most of the “Giants” songs, but it’s way more effective. Cool little solo too, nothing too complicated, just cool. I believe Paul Weller had some input on this song – correct me if I’m wrong. Also, props to the band for managing to make a 4 minute song out of 9 lines of lyrics.

#79 -- Take Me Away

Album: Supersonic (single)

One of the first Oasis B-sides. I find it really amusing. On the one hand, you hear a level of feeling and inflection in the vocals that’s uncommon, even for Noel. On the other hand, you have to love the words that were just pieced together to sound like a song about drugs. “you could be me and pretty soon you will be/but you're gonna need a line” gives it all away.

#80 -- Gas Panic!

Album: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

This one’s for all the potheads. Noel was said to have written this during a late-night panic attack. I’m not sure what Gas has to do with it. I’m also not sure that “chancer” (2nd verse, rhymes with “dancer”) is an actual word. But, it seems to work. You hear some interesting sounds in this one – its Pretty psychedelic, and as Liam suggests before they play it in the FTM Wembley concert, probably a great song to get high to.