#88 -- The Girl in the Dirty Shirt

Album Be Here Now

How many times have I wanted to say “get your shit together girl?” That line is enough to make me a big fan of this song. This song is a great example of the fusion of rock and drunken pub chorus (see Bonehead’s Bank Holiday, below) that Oasis can be unparalleled at. As songs about your girlfriend go (Noel wrote it about Meg), this is about as un-lame as they come. It almost doesn’t fit in Be Here Now – the lyrics make sense, it sounds a little bit like songs on previous albums (Married with Children), and doesn’t overwhelmingly reek of substance abuse.

#89 -- My Sister Lover

Album: Stand By Me (single)

I don’t know what to say about this song. I suppose if I were from Kentucky, I’d rate it higher. As it is, I find the lyrics a little bit disturbing. I mean, come on: “You're my lover, I'm your brother” implies something that’s illegal in most jurisdictions. I like the tune, especially the chorus lines that just wail on, but the lyrics make me glad to remember Noel and Liam came from a family of all boys.

#90 -- Shout It Out Loud

Album: Stop Crying Your Heart Out (single)

This is a really cool Noel ballad, and I’d argue the better of the two B-sides on Stop Crying Your Heart Out. It sounds like something I’d like to hear Paul Weller sing, but sounds great in the same deep, warm tone Noel uses in “Sunday Morning Call”. It’s just not a song with much in the way of lyrics or deep meaning – it’s a love song (I think) – and although the topic’s been covered over and over, much like the repetitive chorus of this track, it makes for a nice B-side. It’s just a shame that they didn’t put anything on Stop Crying your Heart out that really rocks your socks off.

#91 -- Born on a Different Cloud

Album: Heathen Chemistry

Okay, I’m going to catch a lot of hell for this one. I just don’t really like the song. It works musically, and fits Liam’s post-Be Here Now personality to a tee; I just never cared much for it. It sounds very John Lennon, but if there ever was any doubt that Oasis at times make an ill-advised exodus from the kind of music that made them world famous, Born On A Different Cloud is a case-in-point. What did I say yesterday? Oh yeah, they could have totally swapped this song for Andy’s “Thank You for the Good Times” and Heathen Chemistry would have been a stronger album. I don’t think this track adds anything, nor do I think the electronic effects do much for Liam’s rasp.

#92 -- Thank you for the Good Times

Album: Stop Crying Your Heart Out (single)

I listened to this song on my walk to work today, and as I sat down to write up this blurb, I wasn’t quite sure initially why I ranked it towards the bottom of the list. I get these ready to post about a week in advance, so its too late now, but if I had it to do again, I’d consider ranking it higher. Andy Bell wrote it while experiencing a 3-day-long stomach illness in South America, which is enough to give it points on novelty alone, but it’s got some of the best lyrics of all the Heathen Chemistry-era songs, singles, B-sides, or otherwise. I guess it just doesn’t have that Noel-esque feel to it, and in a way, it feels like it was written by someone in a great deal of physical torment. It’s disappointing this song wasn’t on the album though –- I think it may have made Heathen Chemistry a stronger album altogether if we got to see a hint Andy’s songwriting prowess, which doesn’t even necessitate the removal of any other songs. As it is, this one gets sadly overlooked.

#93 -- Magic Pie

Album: Be Here Now

I’m probably going to catch a little heat for not liking this song as much as I should by the people who regularly read this site (there’s surprisingly many of them, but spread the word, you lot!). “An extraordinary guy can never have an ordinary day,” is one of my favorite Oasis lines, but in an album that’s starved for a classic Noel ballad, we get a song about a magic pie. A MAGIC PIE?!?! Whatever you’ve been smoking/snorting/drinking/huffing/popping when you wrote that, Noel, I’d like to know where I can get some.

#94 -- Going Nowhere

Album: The Masterplan

Noel often praises Burt Bacharach, in fact, his picture is slightly in frame on the Definitely Maybe cover. The opening of this song reminds me a lot of his style, possibly a Vegas lounge, or possibly playing in the background whist you’re doing some shopping. I personally don’t care for those types of songs, and don’t think they’re really Oasis-sounding. The lyrics are wonderful though, and are a nice insight into how Noel felt before Oasis ever “arrived.” He’s said to have written this before the band ever got a record deal, but not recorded it until sometime after, and it speaks to all the things he was hoping to do with the fame and money.