#8 -- D'You Know What I Mean?

Album: Be Here Now

Brillant, saucy, and ass-kicking. I hadn’t seen the video for this one until a couple years ago when I was able to find it on the web, but as I’d been listening to the tune for years, I always pictured something in a warzone with helicopters – pretty close to the actual video. If you can actually make out the lyrics (you’d laugh your ass off if you knew what I initially thought a few of them were), they’re incredibly good. So are all the lyrics on Be Here Now. So good. Beatles good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am seeing a BHN theme here in the top 15. I am glad someone else doesn't hate that record. Its by far my favorite album of all time, start to finish balls out rock and roll.

14 June, 2005 09:32  
Anonymous Chris said...

Glad you featured this one. Top ten for me too. The attitude, the snarl, it's too damn good to be forgotten. Shame that Noel doesn't agree.

14 June, 2005 19:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a lot of lyrics are references to beatles songs, if not all of them besided the chorus, i said down in '98 and had most of them figured out.

14 June, 2005 23:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

trying to figure out what we have left i got 6 of them.. what is the last one?
rock n roll star
cigs and alch
live 4 ever
dont look back in anger
one more i am missing.. somoene help !!

15 June, 2005 09:40  

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