#7 -- Cigarettes & Alcohol

Album: Definitely Maybe

Rock and Roll, (noun):
1. A genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; a blend of Black rhythm-and-blues with White country-and-western.
2. Oasis – Cigarettes & Alcohol

There’s a jukebox system in bars around the country that allows you to search from a library of thousands and thousands of tracks, most of the ones they have are Top 40 and the usual pub crap, but for a little extra it will allow you to download more “obscure” tracks from their online library. If you’re ever at one, and the Familiar to Millions performance of Cigs and Alc is on the machine already, there’s a good chance I’ve been there before you.

Only one week to go...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

one week to go... YOU GOTTA MAKE IT HAPPEN!

15 June, 2005 10:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am seeing columbia missing.. could columbia be top 10?

15 June, 2005 10:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my guess for the top 10..

6. columbia(don't think so just process of elimination)
5. rock n roll star
4. champagne supersova
3. don't look back in anger
2. wonderwall
1. liveforever (hoping he don't make wonderwall 1)

15 June, 2005 19:26  

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