#5 -- Columbia

Album: Definitley Maybe

The first Oasis magnum opus. There’s an unparalleled euphoria when you hear the first guitar chords in the opening line of Columbia. I have no idea what the song means, or even why it’s called Columbia (maybe because of their country's most notable export?), but “there we were, now here we are” says more than it possibly could have meant when Noel penned it. I’ve turned around to this song in recent years – but I really do love it. I run to it occasionally at the gym – so much energy but none of it artificial or gratuitous. Yeah, yeah, yeah.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

MSG is so close i can taste it.

17 June, 2005 09:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been trying to save all my fuel this week, but last night, I drank a ton and had to blast me oasis. I'm in tatters today, but after a weekend at the beach, I'll be fully amped for the week of. Come on, come on, come on----

17 June, 2005 10:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


17 June, 2005 13:57  
Anonymous Ozasis said...

Columbia's lyrics were penned by Noel with the assistance of the other band members when they took some acid... I think that was what was said on the DM DVD anyway?

I'd love to know why it's called columbia though...

17 June, 2005 14:46  
Anonymous Woody said...

I think it was after the Columbia Hotel in London where they got banned from

22 June, 2005 10:32  

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