#3 -- Live Forever

Album: Definitely Maybe

"That´s for our mam. It´s quite simply one of the ten greatest songs of all time. I said that when I first wrote it and I stand by it now. I challenge anyone else in the next ten years to come up with anything as good. Except for us of course. Well, it´s about relationships that people have, not necessarily with girlfriends, about friends and friendships that live forever.. commitment. It´s not about anything, it´s not a love song, the word love, you can love Mars bars, and I love my bike. It´s a song about respect, having respect for your girlfriend, your mother or your father or your friends. The line `We see things they´ll never see´, only two best friends would say that to each other, two twins maybe. It´s a song of hope, a song about being young and trendy. A fucking good song but I think I can do better." (Noel, 1994)
The guitar solo takes me to another place. Perfect tune if there ever was one.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noel's solo is the closest he ever got to John Squire. Not the superfluous, coked Squire... the "every note is so perfect that if you took one out the song would falter" Squire.

20 June, 2005 10:44  

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