#2 -- Don't Look Back in Anger

Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory

Slip inside the eye of your mind... ahhh. There is no pain in this world that can’t be erased by a bottle of beer taken whilst listening to this song. No celebration that can’t boil over, no Friday night that won’t go better without Sally. It’s about looking forward rather than back, and not holding a grudge against the past. The chords, the lyrics, are pure John Lennon (some actually nicked from a tape of his). I can’t really explain all the things DLBIA means to me, it’s just always been the perfect song for every occasion. The guitar solo is something to be revered. You can hear the whole population of England singing along on various bootlegs and DVDs, and I’m salivating for the two remaining days until I can join in the chorus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Familiar to 19,763!

20 June, 2005 10:45  
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