#18 -- My Generation

Album: Every damn bootleg after 2004

I’ll be honest – I don’t even like this song that much – I mean, it’s good, just not this good. And it might not even belong here since there's no official studio versions apart from that thing they did for the BBC. I couldn’t help putting it high on the chart just because it’s been such a fitting end to their live performances lately, and pretty much sums up my fondness for the band. My Generation – My Music – that’s why I’ll love Oasis until the end. The tunes I woke up to in Junior High and High School, and all their association with the happy memories. As much as I can be in the same “g-g-generation” as a 39 and 32 year old, it feels like I am. Thanks lads.

(Sorry so late today -- been having PC issues)


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