#16 -- Supersonic

Album: Definitely Maybe

Unbelievably cool little guitar solo part here – best part of the song. Supersonic was Oasis’ first single, and an instant classic. I can’t imagine what would have been if it had ended up as the B-side to “Bring it On Down” as originally planned. Looking back at the lyrics, I don’t understand where putting lines together simply because they rhymed no longer sounds the same on the new material. It works so well in this one.


Anonymous Woody said...

Enjoying your countdown mate, but this is just way too low on the chart - it should be top ten in my opinion.

That guitar hook gets you every time and Liam's vocals have never been better.

The lyrics don't mean much (Elsa was a German Shepherd dog that hung around the studio, for instance) but it's such a catchy tune you just don't care.

PS Is your last name really Wank or is that just a wind up?!

06 June, 2005 16:11  
Anonymous Pat Wank said...

Totally a wind-up. Thanks mate... love hearing who agrees/disagrees with me :)

06 June, 2005 16:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is criminal...how can this not be top five? Even the band says this is their best song!!!

14 June, 2005 19:33  

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