#13 -- Acquiesce

Album: The Masterplan

Acquiesce was just too damn good to be on the album. Had it been, critics would have probably slagged it on account of the unremarkable lyrics in the verses. As it is, when Noel comes in on the chorus, there’s nothing better. One of those epic moments where the sky opens up and the song gets back in your face sayin, “you didn’t see that one coming did ya?”


Anonymous woody said...

As far as the lyrics for the verses go, I remember reading back when Acquiesce came out that they were supposed to be Noel putting himself in Liam's shoes and distilling the younger Gallagher's wide-eyed wonder with the world from the viewpoint of a rock star in his very early 20s.

Don't know whether it was Noel's explanation or just the musings of a music journalist but it adds a certain weight to those lyrics.

It's also perhaps worth mentioning that this tune, coupled with Talk Tonight (and Headshrinker) make Some Might Say probably THE best Oasis UK single ever.

13 June, 2005 10:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good point on the single, Woody

13 June, 2005 14:44  
Anonymous Chris said...

This has to be top ten...the vocals and lyrics are phenomenal...blows The Hindu Times out of the water...

14 June, 2005 19:31  

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