#12 -- Don't Go Away

Album: Be Here Now

"Inferior rewrite" or not, it's still an amazing tearjerker. Noel wrote it about his mom when it was thought there was a chance she had cancer. It’s about not wanting to lose someone you love. The single was only released in Japan, and I seem to remember it getting a fair amount of airplay in the States. I think it was one of their more popular tunes over here. Don’t Go Away chokes me up sometimes –the opening stick clicks signal the raw emotion that follows in the next 4:48, and the soulful, naked guitar riffs really sell it. One of their best.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will give "Don't Go Away" this... when everything drops out to pure acoustic guitar... Noel's finish to it is gorgeous.

And you redeemed yourself for ranking this lower than it's Be Here Now brother, the massive "Stand By Me."

Sliiiide Awaaaaaaaaaay

10 June, 2005 10:20  
Anonymous Pete said...

What a great tune this is. Oasis own goaled big time when they chose not to release this as a single in the UK. A classic song, beautiful tearjerking lyrics wonderfully sung by Liam.

10 June, 2005 10:47  
Anonymous charles said...

I just read the entire list, awesome job, good ranking.
Stand By Me and Supersonic must be in the top 5!!

10 June, 2005 11:20  

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