#11 -- The Hindu Times

Album: Heathen Chemistry

I'll preemptively address the disagreements: yes, I personally like this song better than MP, MG, SA, RWI, Sm, etc, etc. Sorry. Feel free to voice your displeasure by clicking "comment" below. The Hindu Times sounds more like classic Oasis than just about anything they’ve put out on the last 3 albums (save Lyla), and it’s a brilliant rocker. As confusing as Heathen Chemistry is at times, the boys always seem to throw in one song that’s radio friendly, peppy, and harkens back to the anthems of the early days. I think this tune gets unappreciated for that reason (it's radio friendly) and also a little bit because it's not piled in next to a bunch of other classic songs. No exception here – this is Oasis doing Oasis, 10 years later, and still knocking it out of the park.


Anonymous Woody said...

Top tune indeed, although after ripping off the Stones and The Beatles, Noel did turn his attentions down a peg or two - to The Stereophonics, whose riff to Same Size Feet from 1997's Word Gets Around he ripped off for this one.

13 June, 2005 10:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Castlecraver gets points for guts on this one. So many wouldn't put this one in the rare air of the classics because of its Heathen Chemistry origin, but this song flat out rocks.

13 June, 2005 14:47  

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