#48 -- Stop Crying Your Heart Out

Album: Heathen Chemistry

I would have rated this a lot higher, but I just can’t stand the lyrics. The chorus is beautiful, but it’s repetitive, lacks a good guitar fill, and the lyrics are just trite as hell. Plus, Liam sounded like Kermit the Frog singing it at Glastonbury last summer, which is enough to spoil it altogether for me. Noel liked it enough to make it a single though, so I suppose it’s okay.


Anonymous Pete said...

Their best song in recent years (certainly since Be Here Now). Would of ranked it higher myself.

06 May, 2005 11:26  
Anonymous Paul said...

This is a joke right??? If it's not then you really are a total clown.

06 May, 2005 19:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oasis does not have 47 songs better than this one.

09 May, 2005 09:25  

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