#46 -- Cum On Feel the Noize

Album: Don't Look Back in Anger (single)

I think any band could cover this Quiet Riot standard and have it kick ass. The fact that Noel sings it makes it unique – Liam would sound so much more natural, in my opinion. Still, taking the metal out of the song leaves it with a satisfying Oasis flavor.

Edit: I was absolutely wrong. It is Liam that sings it, and it still kicks ass... I just realized the version I was listening to isn't the actual B-side. My bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is Liam singing

09 May, 2005 09:24  
Blogger Pat said...

Strange, the version I have is very definitely Noel -- It doesn't sound live either... I don't have the DLBIA single, so maybe what I have is just a demo. Either way, my bad.

09 May, 2005 09:53  

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