#30 -- Be Here Now

Album: Be Here Now

Be Here Now wins my award for most overlooked, underrated Oasis tune. It’s got kind of a Columbia feel to it, a quirky background rhythm, and better lyrics. No, great lyrics. I can’t even quote all the lines I particularly like from this one. Incredibly good foot-tapper that segues into All Around the World. God, the last 4 tracks of that album are just fantastic. I gotta listen to it when I get home. I’m very accepting of people that disagree with my opinions on certain tracks – because I know I’m in the minority on some of them – but I’m going to stand firm on this one. If you don’t like it, you’re wrong ;)

Only one month to go. Hoowah!


Anonymous Pete said...

Defo agree with you on this one. Quality quality tune. Like many off Be Here Now, shamefully overlooked by the band for their live sets. Not so sure about your #31 though, weak song that.

23 May, 2005 10:38  

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