#80 -- Gas Panic!

Album: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

This one’s for all the potheads. Noel was said to have written this during a late-night panic attack. I’m not sure what Gas has to do with it. I’m also not sure that “chancer” (2nd verse, rhymes with “dancer”) is an actual word. But, it seems to work. You hear some interesting sounds in this one – its Pretty psychedelic, and as Liam suggests before they play it in the FTM Wembley concert, probably a great song to get high to.


Blogger Pat said...

Sorry for posting so early yesterday, and so late today. I try to shoot for 8-10am EST, but it sometimes doesnt work out, and blogger doesnt let you pre-schedule automatic posts.

03 April, 2005 12:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like to keep the countdown to MSG in my head every day and these early postings are screwing me up :) i like to shout out "80 more days" at any point in the day.

04 April, 2005 08:45  

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