#70 -- One Way Road

Album: Who Feels Love (single)

There’s no way this shouldn’t have been on the album. I can pick several tunes on SOTSOG that this is better than. If you haven’t heard Paul Weller’s cover of this song, it’s superb. Go download it. I’m looking outside, and it’s a beautiful sunny day – if I wasn’t stuck here in lab (writing about Oasis songs, not working, of course), I’d be sitting in my back yard, drinking a beer, smoking a j, listening to this song.

Oh, and by the way, I scored front row seats to the Cleveland show yesterday (Sept 30 @ Blossom Music Center). Presale tickets still available for that show, plus Vancouver, San Fran, San Diego, Dallas, and Baltimore at oasisinet.com. Click the news release about the new shows on the front page for the presale link.


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