#61 -- A Quick Peep

Album: Heathen Chemistry

Noel said about writing this one, “This was a period when there was a lot of acoustic guitar happening before and after gigs. We had a big, long journey over the Alps and me and Andy just played guitar for about five hours.” Then why the hell wasn’t it longer?? I’d really like to see Oasis do an extended instrumental, a-la Spectral Mornings (Cornershop). There’s a rumored promo single called “I Can See It Now” that’s supposedly something like that, but I wanted more of a Quick Peep. It’s so more complex than Swamp Song. Oasis does great instrumentals, and I’m a sucker for them.

(sorry so late today, was taking an exam)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy Bell wrote this, not noel

10 June, 2005 11:09  

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