#99 -- Roll It Over

Album: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

This is a rather good song, really. It’s just unfortunately stuck as the final track on an album alongside better songs with the same slow, psychedelic feel. As if listening to SOTSOG all the way through didn’t leave you in a bit of a daze, Roll It Over makes me feel as lethargic as a hangover that sticks around until dinnertime.

If it wasn’t for all the lyrical repetition in the whole album in general, the verses of this song (“I can give the hundred million reasons/to build a barricade/blame it on the changing of the seasons/the thoughts that I convey”, and “look around at all the plastic people/who live without a care/try to sit with me around my table/but never bring a chair”) would stand out as some of the best on SOTSOG. As it is, a pretty damn good song ends up misplaced and misunderstood.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh roll it over is a good tune.. would had it in the 20's

15 March, 2005 14:18  
Anonymous Pete said...

One of the most under-rated songs on the latter albums. Quality tune.

18 March, 2005 07:57  

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