#97 -- Little James

Album: Standing on the Shoulder of Giants

What lifelong Oasis fan doesn’t have a strong opinion about this song? It’s Liam’s first offering as a songwriter, and a certainly valiant effort. When it comes up in discussion, most fans slag it off, for the most part including myself. It’s hard to find anything wrong with a song written by a dad for his son, though, it sometimes seems like a few of the lines were hastily assembled from an elementary rhyming dictionary. Live for your toys/even though they make noise… sometimes makes me cringe. You have to give Liam props for trying though, and it’s certainly a song that feels like it “belongs” in the middle of SOTSOG. Regardless, Noel should have put his foot down on the drawn-out “na na na” ending – it’s not exactly Hey Jude.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this song completely ruined STOTSOG giants for me. its trash, and when i think of the album its all i can think of.

17 March, 2005 10:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never play this one. It's a long way from "Little James" to "Songbird."

17 March, 2005 11:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my friend Richard Phillips loves this song, but then he is the only gayer in the village!

18 March, 2005 06:20  
Anonymous Richard Phillips said...

I love that song. Always makes me cry. Bang!!

Cheers thanks bye


18 March, 2005 07:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave Rich Phillips alone!

My friends Pete Tunesi and Paul Arthur (clown boys!) aren't too keen on this song....but then again they both like 'The Streets'...and that is real sh1 te music!

18 March, 2005 07:25  
Anonymous Pete said...

Good tune hampered by kiddie nursery rhyme lyrics. Liam's songwriting has improved greatly since.

18 March, 2005 07:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's better than Songbird, that's about the only good thing there is to say about this sentimental garbage.

18 March, 2005 11:18  

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