#92 -- Thank you for the Good Times

Album: Stop Crying Your Heart Out (single)

I listened to this song on my walk to work today, and as I sat down to write up this blurb, I wasn’t quite sure initially why I ranked it towards the bottom of the list. I get these ready to post about a week in advance, so its too late now, but if I had it to do again, I’d consider ranking it higher. Andy Bell wrote it while experiencing a 3-day-long stomach illness in South America, which is enough to give it points on novelty alone, but it’s got some of the best lyrics of all the Heathen Chemistry-era songs, singles, B-sides, or otherwise. I guess it just doesn’t have that Noel-esque feel to it, and in a way, it feels like it was written by someone in a great deal of physical torment. It’s disappointing this song wasn’t on the album though –- I think it may have made Heathen Chemistry a stronger album altogether if we got to see a hint Andy’s songwriting prowess, which doesn’t even necessitate the removal of any other songs. As it is, this one gets sadly overlooked.


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