#86 -- Hey Now!

Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory

Not a bad tune, but to me, Hey Now! marks the first hint of diversion from the great rock tunes on Definitely Maybe and What’s the Story. In fact, Noel says, “This song is about being in a group. It´s a massive step forward for us. Some people are not going to like it, because they´re just going to want more songs like Cigarettes & Alcohol or Supersonic. The band has changed a lot and there´s a different vibe.”

Personally, I’m one of those people that wanted more songs like Cigarettes & Alcohol and Supersonic. Not that change is bad or anything, but sometimes the chords sound like they were borrowed from some lame 80s “soft rock” song. And anyway (and they made this faux pas with Gas Panic! too), songs with exclamation marks in their title should be exciting and kick your ass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was also in my Top 50. Are there other oasis songs in the universe that will mysterously appear in the upper half of castlecraver's list?

28 March, 2005 12:32  
Anonymous castlecraver said...

Yup, you'll just have to wait & see ;)

Thanks for the opinions too... I'm really just doing this to discuss the songs, as the ranking system is about as arbitrary as they come (how likely am I to push "next" if it were to come up on shuffle). But, I made my picks, and I'm sticking to 'em! :)

28 March, 2005 18:02  

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