#84 -- Force of Nature

Album: Heathen Chemistry

I don’t have shit to say about this song today. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Love, Honour & Obey, good lyrics, feels like its punching you in the face a hundred times in a row, blah, blah, blah, don’t like it as much as some others seem to.
In other news, the new single LYLA was played on Polish radio yesterday. I haven’t stopped listening to it since 5 o’clock yesterday. I love it. No, I LOVE it. Nice, safe, lead-off single like The Hindu Times, but quirky, catchy, has some damn musical substance, and it should sound awesome live. I’m bringing my pogo stick to MSG. (Note: when drunk, leaping around like you’re nuts is an acceptable substitute for an actual pogo stick)

(I'm not including any of the new songs in this countdown, before anyone asks, since it was started before the album release) If you want to read what I wrote about it last night, here you go.


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