Worth every penny, and every second of anticipation. If you were there, you get it. If you weren't, I can't even try to do it justice by describing it. What an amazing night.

Pics of my trip:

#1 -- Champagne Supernova

Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory

For my money, the quintessential Oasis song. It pains me to not pick the one song I’m most eagerly anticipating hearing live (and singing along to in a drunken stupor) in less than 24 hours (see below), but Noel’s vocals, although often musically superior to Liam’s, aren’t the main attraction. What can I say about a song about suffocation, changes, and getting high? It’s got it all, written in the true spirit of peace, love, and bananas (and a whole lot of coke), and packaged within their best album.

Noel once said, “That's probably as psychedelic as I'll ever get. It means different things when I'm in different moods. When I'm in a bad mood being caught beneath a landslide is like being suffocated. The song is a bit of an epic. It's about when you're young and you see people in groups and you think about what they did for you and they did nothing.” AMEN.

Thanks for visiting and sharing in the fun with me, and putting up with my pontificating. With that, I leave you, drunk as hell, excited as a virgin at a whorehouse, and unbelievably, intoxicatingly madferit. I’m off to catch a plane to New York, so I’ll see you at the gig.

#2 -- Don't Look Back in Anger

Album: (What's the Story) Morning Glory

Slip inside the eye of your mind... ahhh. There is no pain in this world that can’t be erased by a bottle of beer taken whilst listening to this song. No celebration that can’t boil over, no Friday night that won’t go better without Sally. It’s about looking forward rather than back, and not holding a grudge against the past. The chords, the lyrics, are pure John Lennon (some actually nicked from a tape of his). I can’t really explain all the things DLBIA means to me, it’s just always been the perfect song for every occasion. The guitar solo is something to be revered. You can hear the whole population of England singing along on various bootlegs and DVDs, and I’m salivating for the two remaining days until I can join in the chorus.

#3 -- Live Forever

Album: Definitely Maybe

"That´s for our mam. It´s quite simply one of the ten greatest songs of all time. I said that when I first wrote it and I stand by it now. I challenge anyone else in the next ten years to come up with anything as good. Except for us of course. Well, it´s about relationships that people have, not necessarily with girlfriends, about friends and friendships that live forever.. commitment. It´s not about anything, it´s not a love song, the word love, you can love Mars bars, and I love my bike. It´s a song about respect, having respect for your girlfriend, your mother or your father or your friends. The line `We see things they´ll never see´, only two best friends would say that to each other, two twins maybe. It´s a song of hope, a song about being young and trendy. A fucking good song but I think I can do better." (Noel, 1994)
The guitar solo takes me to another place. Perfect tune if there ever was one.

#4 -- Wonderwall

Album: (Whats the Story) Morning Glory

Screw Ryan Adams. His version sucks. There. I said it. And I’ll say it again. I don’t care if Noel seems to like it, Ryan Adams’ cover of Wonderwall sounds ridiculously stupid. Wonderwall’s fame is certainly deserved – even though most of us fans cringe when someone in the media (usually in the states) calls Oasis the “Wonderwall” rockers. That’s probably what they’ll always be remembered for over here. It’s a shame, really.